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Stormwater BMP Maintenance

Thursday, November 9 | 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Auraria Campus Proprietary BMP maintenance

As part of a multi-million dollar renovation to the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver, the Tivoli Quad project included the development of a tiered patio, softball field modifications, a beer garden, building access improvements, decks and landscaping, site/activity lighting, and roadway and streetscape build out of Larimer Street, 11th Street and Walnut Street. As with many urbanized areas, required stormwater treatment and detention could not be accomplished above ground. Contech Engineered Solutions will discuss the operation, maintenance, and pertinent considerations relative to the 18,000cf underground CMP detention system installed on the campus, as well as StormFilter, the manufactured treatment device implemented to treat runoff prior to it entering Denver’s public storm system.

Sloan’s Lake Forebay

Pretreatment is critical for this City Lake used heavily for recreation. The designers were successful in creating an attractive area that provides pretreatment of storm flows prior to reaching the lake. At this site, we will hear from the City of Denver regarding ease of maintenance for this facility.

City of Golden Dump Station

This facility addresses a problem many municipalities are faced with today. The City of Golden was in need of a facility to dump, filter, dry, and dispose of the material removed from the storm drain system. The facility fulfills the need of the City and was designed in such a way that it can easily be modified as the program and system expanse in the future.

Barnum Park Constructed Wetlands

This wetland pond was constructed to provide water quality prior to discharge of roadway runoff into Barnum Lake. Shortly after the project was finished, the public complained about trash in the wetlands. Retrofits to the forebay allowed the City of Denver to better maintain the facility and keep trash out of the wetlands.

Huston Lake - Denver

This project started due to a nuisance drainage issue and the final plan addressed that and much more. The design includes a bioretention basin with an innovative forebay designed for maintenance through Denver’s street sweeping program.


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