Technical Workshops

Asset Management For Green Infrastructure

Monday, November 6 | 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Asset Management for Green Infrastructure: Learn the basics of stormwater controls asset management and take a detailed look at how to launch a green infrastructure asset management program. Compare approaches and lessons learned from the one-year-old green infrastructure asset management program at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the three-year-old green infrastructure asset management program at DC Water.

Both utilities will discuss strategies for: building relationships necessary to learn agency/utility asset management norms and standards; properly characterizing green infrastructure in databases and asset management software, creating asset hierarchies; tracking costs using asset management software; selecting attributes to offer necessary detail for new asset records; weighing the benefits of detailed data collection against user friendliness; utilizing mobile applications for data collection; and lessons learned on contract enforcement. Both Maximo and CityWorks software will be discussed. Participants will also have an opportunity to collaborate in small groups with other jurisdictions that are developing asset management programs to consider strategies for program development and plan next steps toward implementation.

Stormwater Control Measure Inspection & Maintenance

Monday, November 6 | 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Basic Inspection and Maintenance needs for stormwater control measures will be discussed, including many practices associated with green infrastructure. Emphases will be placed initially on basic drivers and SCM function, followed by maintenance fundamentals that are common among SCMs. Specific inspection and maintenance needs for a few select practices (ponds/wetlands, bioretention/ rain gardens, and permeable pavement) will be provided. Lastly, a discussion of North Carolina’s successful certification program in the subject area will inspire other entities that inspection and maintenance can become part of the lifeblood of good stormwater programs. The instructors have a diverse background (Civil Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Entomology, and Horticulture) and have presented a longer version of this workshop approximately 75 times world-wide.

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